Biggest Reason For Mental Illness: What People Will Say?

Biggest Reason For Mental Illness: What People Will Say?

In Indian culture, we are all familiar with the term "What people will say". We still wonder about "what people will say" to fit into this culture, not to confront criticism. And it's not just your appearance, your etiquette, your interactions, you're judging every single damned moment. And continuously, you're pointing this phrase at yourself.

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Dark Circles? Color of skin? And pimples? Too fat? Yes, These are never thought of as individualistic traits, but those that you are judged by society. We're not allowed to judge those who want to do this and those who wish not to do it. Notably, do this for yourself, not for confirmation by society. My mother said to me when, "Once you start to believe like you're beautiful, you're beautiful." Society, however? What people will say?

IAs we all know, It doesn’t end with your looks, it is also about your clothes, and much more.

Our Clothes

Modern wear, short skirts, shorts. We are criminals in the eyes of most in society and certainly in the eyes of narrow-minded relatives for wearing these. We are told, "Dress properly," as though "properly" is an outfit we should select from the Almirah.

Why can't we have discussions with the family instead of parents, with the family teasing their children? At home, judgment usually starts. And that leads us to think about how worthy or useless we are. It’s my personal belief that "Don't blame clothing when the main issue is thought."

Periods, Society & Embarrassment

Cycles of menstruation. Yes, they are ordinary, natural, and essential. In Western culture, too, shame and sadness about periods are still alive. Let's crack their prejudices and taboos. Instead, the nervousness of our culture with that is only making it harder for women to stabilize them.

Dear society, normalize with time. Regulate menstrual conversations and make men a part of them. We don't need to silence women with "What people would think."

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Suicide & Depression

We should not speak about them because, according to our culture, individuals battling mental illness are "dangerous and those coping with suicides are either seekers of publicity or cowards"? What people will say?

We should freely speak about it and bring awareness. They're not improbable. They are not crazy. Let's speak, connect, and bring awareness so that a lot of suicide deaths can be avoided and individuals can obtain clinical assistance. It's also common for those who need it to get treatment, to get counseling. Don't disempower this, please.

Divorce/ Unhealthy relationships/Single mothers.

Why are we still debating women who are single and who make their decisions? Without someone asking why one woman can hardly sit alone and have coffee in a cafe. What makes things worse is that we're asking girls to adapt and embrace it. Society's duty is to chat. Really? Why do they even need my life to get an interpretation? It's safe to walk away while you're suffocating.

Girls are powerful and self-reliant enough to, if they choose, be single mothers. Why are we looking at them as if they're criminals? Why are we concerned about how dangerous it is to be a single woman, and how the taunts of aunties rule their lives? Why can't we alter our way of thinking and understand how courageous these people are?

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Career Choices

Many of you do not want to be engineers, pilots, or doctors. In drawing, photography, acting, music, etc, you want to pursue artistic careers. Some of you have no desire to have a career at all. But relatives, aunties, and uncles are going to say, "It's all about hobbies, what's about your real job which will give you permanent livelihood?"

Isn't it a real job where you are happy and one that makes you mature as an individual?

What people would say is, according to me, a very major factor for women's mental health issues. Let's fix this, for sure by now.

Final Touch-Up

The existence of mental health problems in India may be determined by its patients, but instead, it may be decided by the society around them. But if the mental health care taboos continue, it will not only reflect that particular individual but also the whole society.

So, stop worrying about what people will say. It is their duty, so, let them think about this and you please carry on. Because, nobody will come when you lose, just consistently focus on your goals and priorities as time waits for none. Want to get an instant dose of motivation and ideas to invent and modify your life? Explore now.

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