Bollywood Movies: A Protein Shake To Your Mental Health

Bollywood Movies: A Protein Shake To Your Mental Health

Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being requires mental awareness. It determines how we think, feel, and behave. It also helps decide how we cope with stress, interacts with others, and makes judgments. At every stage of life, from infancy and adolescence through adulthood, mental health is essential.

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Mental illness also remains a taboo of stigma in a modern society like India's and is not often addressed constructively. This plays a key role in Bollywood movies, and it affects the masses to some degree. The content Bollywood creates makes a big difference from promoting content about lesser-known themes to throwing light on issues that affect society.

I bring you seven films from Bollywood that have tried to shine a spotlight on mental illness. Here you are moving.

Taare Zameen Par

Ishaan is a young boy who is criticized in school and by his parents because he does not do well. Eventually, he is sent to boarding school by his parents, where he meets Ram, an art teacher.

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Ram discovers that Ishaan has dyslexia, letting Ishaan reveal his secret painting abilities. The film helped to bring the pressing topic of dyslexia and the challenges associated with it to attention.

JudgeMental Hai Kya

The title itself is a play on 'mental hai kya?' '- rhetoric was widely spoken by many Indians.

Since the trailer was released, this film has generated an impactful wave. Bobby, played by Kangana Ranaut, is set against the backdrop of a murder mystery and dealing with mental illnesses such as anxiety, psychological disorders, and schizophrenia. The film highlighted a shed on serious problems with mental health.

Dear Zindagi

The film invites us to look differently at mental illness. The film depicts mental illness like every other medical issue and captures that now and then your mind needs a shakeup, and in fear of being punished, one should not feel obliged to seek help.

The whole film is set in the sessions of a psychiatrist. Kiara (Alia Bhatt), a filmmaker, is not even depressed; she seeks support from a psychiatrist (Shah Rukh Khan) because she hasn't been able to sleep for a few days. In the end, she can address all her issues after many treatments.

The idea is loud and clear- it is not anything to be guilty of seeking support for everyday life issues. The film also eliminates misconceptions about the LGBTQIA+ community and how women do not want to marry and instead concentrate on their career goals.


Sushant Singh Rajput portrayed the part of the father of a teenager. On pointing out that he has not qualified for IIT, his son attempts to end his life. And Sushant Singh describes the tale of his college days as a father, with a message on how no one is a loser.

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The film depicts Sushant's hostel life and his six friends. And the tale shows us how they struggle to get a standing ovation from their enemies once branded as losers. It shows you how you can make a life help and make the most of what you have.

This points to the prevalent issue of parental pressure on children and highlights the impact of peer pressure.

Karthik Calling Karthik

An introverted schizophrenic interacts around this psychological thriller. He also struggles with dissociative identity disorder. Calls from an unidentified man named Karthik are received by Karthik (Farhan Akhtar) just as he is about to kill himself. The person on call pretended to be the man's well-wisher and encouraged him through low

self-esteem hardships. Karthik is demonstrated to have endured from schizophrenia and to have created a brother, Kumar.

It is later discovered that, in the middle of the night, Karthik will get up and capture a message for himself. Then he would listen to it every day. The film deserves a special mention for tackling a significant problem such as schizophrenia.


Mahi Arora, a film heroine who helps to introduce that she is not replaced by younger talent, is the star of the film. We learn that she is coping with bipolar disorder as we go through her journey. Although the film doesn't concentrate on her mental illness, the hardships of a person suffering from it are brought to light.

Koi Mil Gaya

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Rohit Mehra is growing up with a mental illness because of a car accident that his mother was a part of when she was pregnant. Although physically rising, his mind is still that of an infant. The beautiful film smartly brings the challenges faced by him to light, gaining a special place in our hearts.

The Final Touch

In Bollywood, several more movies have discussed issues such as Guzaarish, Ghajini, Anjaana Anjaani, etc. about mental health. It is enough to conclude that in acknowledging mental health issues, the nation is heading towards a progressive direction.

I would like to see more such content in the future, which would be both fun and insightful so that my viewer can engage and apply it to their fragile life goals through the films.

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