Hey Teen! Know everything about Sex Education.

Hey Teen! Know everything about Sex Education.

Isn't it ridiculous? The same junta that swings to the melodies of Sheila ki jawaani, shake their eyes when asked about one of the greatest assets of an adult, sexuality?

Indians, often also well-read ethnic, just seem to bring great attention to the issue of sex, with the most brutal taboo. It is therefore a direct outcome that the education that instructs their children about sexual well-being is achieved with the greatest possible resistance – from parents, teachers, lawmakers, and nosy neighbors.

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What Is Sex Education?

Sex education may be described as initiatives that provide information on sexuality and contraception. All this covers gender identity, permission, and knowledge of sexual harassment.

It aims to advance perception about sexual health. Prior to the feminist expression, sex education was deemed to be a 'personal' issue. It was during the 1960s in the West that the political implications of sex education were taken into account. But the prevailing question in the discussion has been whether the societal taboos and, in particular, the sexual taboos are to be imparted by schools or families?

What are the Current Statistics of Sex Education in India?

* Women are supremely exploited due to gender-based discrimination and injustice as a result of which they are driven into marriage, sexual activity, and childbirth. In addition, 60 % of women in the 15-19 age groups were found to be anemic, which ultimately contributes to age-specific death rates among adolescents.

* Only about 15% of young men and women between the ages of 15-24 have received sex education.

* One in four (26.8%) Women between the ages of 20 and 24 were married before the age of 18. Urban women make up 17.5 % of the total and rural women 31.5 % of the total. This early sexual exposure results in several kinds of abuse of rights and brings an early reduction in the pressure on young people, exposes them to early marriage, abortion, disorders, sexual assault, and even brings them at higher risk of cervical cancer.

* Births in the age group 15-19 years lead 17 % of its total fertility rate. For women under 20 years of age, 14 percent of births are unplanned. About a third (34%) of married teenage girls experienced physical, mental, sexual abuse from their husbands.

* The study reported that 53% of children between the age groups of 5 and 12 were sexually harassed. Most of the time, this violence was committed by spouses, legal guardians, or near family friends. Furthermore, the study states that more than half of all these allegations of sexual assault and harassment remained unreported.

What do people think about Sex Education in India?

Sex education is not for my kids. It's absurd; it encourages our children to have sex at an early age.

Sex education is only required in the West, where they have all these dumb issues, such as teen pregnancy and child violence. We in India do not require it for all our ethical values, tradition, and customs.

The Ministry added that greater transparency will emerge in the neGender is an adult term. Adults think about this on their own following marriage. Quite young children should not be affected by sexual education.

Educating children about sex would just help them have more sex. Sexual education is the cause of teen pregnancy.

The Road to More Openness and Transparency?

Sex education in India is a matter that draws a few strange looks from adults even today.

But the days are gone when adolescents have no experience or involvement in sexual interaction between men and women, and the day is gone when parents have been able to prevent their children from discussing something they felt was unacceptable.

Children these days are as curious as one can be, particularly in sex matters.

There are still a lot of people in India who don't know the value of sex education. They don't grasp that even though you don't talk about anything as natural as sex, children will have doubts in their minds when they grow up.

Why is Sex Education in India important for teenagers?

There is a common misperception that sex education involves simply learning about sexual relations between two adults. But that's not the truth.

Sex education is a systematic method of presenting information and helping young people develop views and values about sexual activity, marriages, and one's a sexual orientation.

It also helps to boost children's awareness of, and trust in, consent and the value of making the right decisions.

This will help them handle sexual harassment, empower them to take a stand when sexually assaulted, and also raise social consciousness by educating them about the right age to have kids, the value of protecting them when having sex, and the implications of having children before or after marriage.

How to develop Sex Education around you?

Duty As a Parents

1.Talk to your children about Sex

But how do you, as parents or guardians, really talk to your children about sex?

Some parents believe like providing sex education is only a one-time talk they should get through easily by asking them how the sexual act is going on and how they are going into puberty. Actually, it's a lot more than that.

It becomes simpler and more effective for parents to approach it as a continuous process and to use daily opportunities to explore the various facets of sex education.

For example, if there is an advert for female hygiene products showing up on TV as your child is watching TV, you might use this moment to discuss the subject of puberty and menstruation to her or him.

2.Be frank and honest with your child

Be transparent and frank with your child on whatever subject you are talking on. If you feel awkward sharing sexual information, you can share it with them as well. If you don't know how to respond to some specific questions they are asking, tell them that and help them come up with solutions. But let them realize how serious it is to learn about it.

3.Always try to understand your children

Adolescence is a stage like a roller coaster ride for your children. They are experiencing a lot of physical and mental changes that they have no idea how to cope with.

You, as a parent, have to consider and encourage your child's thoughts about puberty. Don't tell them how poor and uncultured it is to discuss these things. This way, you can just keep them from communicating about subjects that would cause them to search for answers in dubious sources instead.

4.Encourage your children to come to you when in doubt

Children are already under intense social pressure and face several obstacles during the teenage phase. The little you can do to make them know like you are there for them. Empower them to openly share their problems with you without delay. You can lead them better this way.

5.Know the child's gender viewpoint

Sexual education is not just about revealing to children how babies are conceived and why. It is intended to teach them the right approach to sexual activity.

"I urge parents to ask their teenage children how they felt about sex and sexual relationships with people. It's significant to educate them about the thoughts, feelings, and values behind the sexual activity.

6.Fix sensitive issues with care

One of the key roles that sex education serves in India is to build empathy in today's children and ensure that they grow up to be broad-minded people with compassion for everyone. Parents should also take care of problems such as homosexuality and attempted rape.

Also, stop offering harsh answers to your child's doubts, so it could strengthen the fact that you are not going to mention these things, or that things are bad.

ll. Duty to develop Sex Education in Schools Management

1.Early-onset adolescence in boys and girls and expanded sensitivity to sexual content from television and the Internet make it relevant to implement sex education to children at a relatively early age.

Most school systems also prefer to discuss and prohibit sexual abuse in classes II and III so that young girls have the necessary information to recognize when they are sexually abused and may get assistance at the right time.

Comprehensive sex education classes may be conducted from Grade 7 to Grade 9 when most girls have reached puberty.

Sex education in India still a less-talked topic, but its significance can never be compromised. Proper sexual education not only motivates young minds, but it also means that they still make smart decisions in their lives.

Final Line

Half-baked, incomplete understanding of sex can be harmful. Do you want your children to be unsure, instead of allowing them to make the right decisions and live a stronger, wealthier, healthier life?

See, We are not experts. But unless we share our ideas, how will we move ahead? So, share your ideas to implement Sex Education and start a conversation. Comment below and share this for sure because one of us maybe can’t make a difference but each one of us can make a difference and, there is just one small difference in these two.

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