Homemakers: No Cheque & Lack of Respect

Homemakers: No Cheque & Lack of Respect

Just imagine a whole day in your life where there's no food, the house is in a mess, and you don't understand how to do any of the chores. How long are you expecting to be ready to sustain being in an unsanitized room without eating, particularly during this disease outbreak? Only thinking about it, hit the value of housework in our life as a living human being in your mind.

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Nutrition, sanitation, and a well-maintained home are the necessities to maintain life. But still, our culture does not see housework, often performed by women, as a job that needs to be valued and compensated. It still loses its importance as compared to high-paying office workers or companies. What makes these people believe that housework is a low job and demands no income? If nine to five jobs are vital to the survival of families, housework is also crucial. Even when employment warrants a salary, a vacation, and a reward, then why not housework?

Think Twice: Is it all right around you?

Our male-dominated culture embraces men and their roles as important to existence, while the role of a woman is to service a man who feeds and protects her. And the misogyny that makes women dependent and fragile parts of society means something that has historically been attributed to them. Be it make-up, craft, or household chores, they are humiliated as something very simple and trivial, as women are too poor to perform any demanding undertaking.

But think twice before marking housework as "easy" because it's anything but that. It's a lot more challenging emotionally and physically than the man working at the desk for nine to five. Business hours begin at 9 a.m. and finish in the evening or at night. But a woman performing housework starts her job well before the man in the house gets up. And after a long and stressful day, she turns off the light of her room when he's finished having dinner. Besides, it is harder for women who handle housework with full-time work. Not only do they have to function well in the workplace, but they also have to dedicate equal time to household chores.

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Homemaker: If paid, will be the richest

Housework is not just about cooking and cleaning, but also about maintaining the house, organizing, and saving money. If the homemaker isn't good at managing the budget, will the payout from the desk work ever be adequate? Then does housework not help the economy of the household, and therefore of the country, too?

Besides, there are no breaks for homemakers. In reality, during the official holiday housework is often much more than the rest of the week. On holidays or special events, when everyone at home celebrates delicious food, drinks, and festivities, women are on their toes to ensure these days are memorable for everyone. The perfect time to consider how housework expands during holidays is a lockdown.

When the whole world was trapped inside the houses, because there was no job to go to, and not all workers could go from homes, housework never stopped. Rather, it expanded the number of people, their hunger, and their requirements for idle days.

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Society needs to acknowledge that housework is necessary and that every individual relies on it to thrive. But then, even though some people realize this, they admire women for their self-sacrificing strength rather than for their job.

Still huge lack of respect

How can it be fair that a woman breathlessly does all her household chores from day to night and is always sleep-deprived, takes the last roti, and gets trashed by the in-laws? And in the situation of housewives, they have to rely on their husbands for every cent and reveal specifics of all the spending. If they get compensated for that, why not the women? And if doing housework reflects affection, shouldn't men contribute as much as women do? Why should men be paid for something they do when a woman's job is overlooked as her pleasure or obligation?

My Concluding Thoughts

It's about time we started challenging housework. It's not convenient and seriously continues seeing it as evidence of a woman's devotion and affection for her family. Homemakers expect to be rewarded and appreciated. Perhaps to understand this and hasten the transition, it is the smartest choice to include everybody in the work of homemaking, irrespective of gender.

I am all saying concisely my folks, just read and feel it again, you will find a huge difference. And, I am damn sure, the difference will be as good as hard.

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