Life Is A Boomerang: What You Give, You Get

Life Is A Boomerang: What You Give, You Get

“Life is a boomerang. You will gain what you fertilise. It is said that what goes around comes around. What you give is what you will receive. ”

Can you recall a moment when you were sitting on the cliff's edge and shouted into the distance? You could hear an echo from a long distance bouncing back to you. Or even an empty auditorium where any noise you make will reverberate off the walls and ceilings. This is how it feels when the vitality you put out into the universe appears to return to you in a two- or three-fold magnitude.It's known as a boomerang. You could also call it Karma.

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So, what are you announcing to the world? What sorts of feelings, personal opinions, and deeds do you offer? What would your choices and attitudes be like if you could be certain that what you offer is exactly what you get plus a little more? It's something we may not be aware of when confronted with tricky times or even when we delight in opinions that discharge our energy.

A Slippery Slope of Consciousness

I know, up close, how easy it is to get sucked into the trap of wonder, fear, and anxiety. It's a slick slope that speedily spirals out of control. And, as per the law of attraction, one negative thought easily lures another, until I become cognizant of how I am experiencing it and reverse the process.

One such instance occurred just last week. I discovered that sustaining an optimistic mindset is a normal routine and practice, just like brushing your teeth, eating three times a day, and all the other daily deeds that revolve around our personal well-being. If we really want to lead a long, abundant life, our psychological and emotional well-being are just as essential, if not more so.

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Helping Others is a Privilege

Your act of giving determines how great of a person you are. Change your perspective, get out of your comfort zone, socialise, and learn about their concerns. Your worries and difficulties will seem insubstantial in comparison to their condition.

Locate your pleasure in someone else's smile, and recognise your solitude life by being present for someone who is going through a difficult time. The hook is to do and support others with everything you have, including great enthusiasm and commitment.

End Note

You receive what you give. If you are constantly projecting negativity, you should not be surprised if this is what you receive in return. On the other hand, if you are always hopeful, you will gain the same. Be gentle and empathetic towards others because you never know when you will need it yourself. Don't pass judgement, or you might find yourself being judged.

Some people spend their entire lives unhappy and complaining, wondering why their life is so difficult, but they refuse to make any changes or change their attitude and approach. If you want to attract genuine people and feelings into your life, you must be encouraging in your connections with others. If you are unwilling to do so, you cannot anticipate others treating you similarly. Always keep in mind that destiny can be uncertain, and that you should hope to earn what you give, so try to give everything you want to accept.

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