My Day on Republic Day at Shakuntala Poddar Welfare Foundation

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My Day on Republic Day at Shakuntala Poddar Welfare Foundation

It was amazing to see the young generation, the little ones, and the older ones being happy and safe in a secured place in one of the humblest places in Dwarka, New Delhi. I thank the founder and the team for honouring me among the precious and priceless souls.

“I was called to be as a chief guest for flag hosting. I appreciate the honour I got with the flowered bouquet and a shawl as respect, I salute India for making us proud Indians.”

--Captain Poonam Devrakyani

Visiting the NGO made me realize the real soul winners, the battle fighters, and the overcomers. I could be surprised more than people helping others as the humblest service providers, as I stood to give some extra points and guide for life living, I could see the genuine dedication among the children to move ahead and stand for their life.

It was the most blessed time to share about,“What you should do in this 4g World? How to maintain success and become the top leaders among other people?”

Always remember to practise 4 D’s in this 4 G’s world.

1- Dream

You would still feel a strong vision that captures your heart and is still there as a dream to see into reality, so when you have this dream, you feel it and want to have it. Always keep dreaming with the following steps to achieve.

2- Dedication

Once you dream and you are working towards it, it becomes essential to dedicate yourself to it.

3- Determination

And keep determination live in you while practicing daily, just as you eat healthy food to get fit.

4- Discipline

You can’t achieve your dream. If the plan is cancelled or delayed, you should be focus on discipline.

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