Power Of Adaptability: Getback & Setback

Power Of Adaptability: Getback & Setback

Do you know any rubber-band kind of people?

They are the ones who always manage to rebound no matter what happens to them. They may be suffering from a disability, a traumatic event, or a series of misfortune, but they never seem to be held down. Life can strain them to their bursting point, but they still figure out a way back to their original form, like a rubber band.

Would you like to know about their untold and top-secret?


Consider the stress balls you saw on some workstations; they still return to their normal form, no matter how many times you squeeze those items. Adaptability is the ability of an entity after it has been twisted, squeezed or squished to adapt to its shape.

People can also have adaptability. I've been in management and leadership for a long time, and maybe none of all the qualities I've learned as a leader have been as helpful to me as resilience. The capacity to come back from a loss also makes the difference between victory and defeat. As the phrase goes, you lose, when you quit!

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But adaptability is not simple to master; first of all, the learning procedure involves something challenging to happen to you. Maybe you will lose a business contract. A terrible illness can grow in you. Maybe you're losing loved ones or a close friend. Second, you have to pick to recover the loss. That calls for a level of personal dedication and consistency. Every day, you must get up, face a failure and resolve not to let it overcome you.

It is not a phase overnight. Probably living on the edges of the razor will take a considerable amount of time. But it can be reached.

What do you do to build your adaptability?

Let me introduce you the four ways:

Learn, Grow & Win

There is no defeat so serious that you will not rebuild in some way, but to make that recovery possible, it requires a certain mentality. I mostly talk about failure as the crucial tool to become even stronger than before. For adaptability, the same mentality is essential. You can't let your failures defeat you; you need to strive for insights from them, along with perspectives into yourself and your situations. It's tough, particularly when the downturn is something you haven't caused, but in even the most tricky times, you can reach intellect.

Contribute to Rising

This is an inevitable product of deciding to fail in the future. You put yourself on a course of personal development when you begin hunting for lessons. In your challenges, when you learn about yourself, you also know about the individuals around you. You start focusing on what you want from life and what it's likely to cost you to get to that. The best leaders always have a dedication to personal development, but it's easy to drop the push when life fails to impress you. Each day you have to contribute to rising again and then concentrate on getting better one day at a moment.

Acknowledge the significance of value addition

This is the best formula of mine, “If you’ll help others get what they want, they’ll help you get what you want.” When I speak about adding value, I typically invite people to invest in others to offer to help others do well, But one must not neglect that there are instances when it is for others to bring value to you when you need the most. Those you've believed in will also want to repay the favor when you encounter a tough setback. Let them. Letting people return to you the worth you've provided and support them in their dark hours. You'll become stronger and more determined to bring value to others in the future.

Discover Solidity Beyond Yourself

I'm going to address one thing as well which some readers might not be interested in. You can still strip away a lot of meaning from my previous points if that's valid, and I hope you do. But for me, there is only a single place for me to transform when matters get to their most tough situation, and that's to God. Life is often packed with obstacles stretching us so far that we worry that we will never bounce right back. You may find yourself wanting to make note of your feelings, your sentiments, your entire place in this world. Times such as these deserve more than human power.

The Bottom Line

Life has no scarcity of challenges, but the good news is that you will bounce back no matter how hard things can get. The essence of adaptability is that. It's never too late to build adaptability, no matter how many challenges you've experienced throughout your life. You too may develop into a "rubber-band individual," someone who often springs back from adversity.

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