Social Pace to Create Brand Equity

Social Pace to Create Brand Equity

A brand is very well defined by consumers perception, the right type of experiences must be built around the brand to generate positive feelings, beliefs, opinions, and insights about it.

However, products or service cannot generate brand equity on their own – this requires companies to develop creative efforts that result in consumers bestowing on the service the desired brand image.

Many Global airlines has taken off on their 'social' flight and some are pandering in innovative conducts to engross with patrons to build lasting dealings with them.

In order to get the mind of share the airline companies have to planned in different strategies to lure customer attention and create a brand recall in their mind of consumer for their feat which they need to achieve.

The digital medium has gained the momentum, where airlines have come up with different packages and plans clubbing up the offer with its social media platform which provides an advantage to generate traffic by running campaign online and providing the customer privilege for classic, gold and silver etc. Airlines coming up with unique concept like Perfect Days and Meet & Seat Campaigns where customer is provided with tailor made offerings.

Create a contest or giveaway that requires contestants to ‘like and share to enter’ or which encourages customers to share posts with their communities for votes.

Since the real power of a brand, exists in the mind of consumers, it is necessary to always capture and analyse customer feedback, need to look at building a large and robust resource pool which can trigger and provide solutions. The aviation sector is making every bit with bonus points to make the customer feel delighted, assets can include many creative elements around the brand.

It is one of the most widespread methods of discovery, and one of the most trusted. People discovering new brands in this way do so very naturally, and on a regular basis.

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