Stop Body Shaming: You Are Beautiful!.

Stop Body Shaming: You Are Beautiful!

Aren't we obsessed with looks, oh yeah? Why do we feel about it? Why do we get stuck gazing and forget about the person under the skin mask? We forget what lies under the mask, what lies in the heart and mind, what resides in the soul.

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What is Body Shaming?

Body shame is the act of which we judge individuals on the grounds of their body image, we judge them when they do not appear to the artificial standard of beauty in the community. Since they are not 'Fair & Lovely ' or 'slim and trim' and so on. It is a type of violence that tortures one mentally and is universal. That's why it's a really controversial subject at the Feminist Conference.

The reality is that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and all bodies are good no matter how healthy they look or how strong they are. But it doesn't suggest that all of us are not prone to overt or intentional bullying even from those close to us, or that we mistakenly shame anyone without understanding it, too.

What is the scenario of Body-Shaming in India?

Even though body shame impacts both men and women, it is extra challenging baggage for women in a partial society like India. The treatments for perfect skin include steps such as turmeric paste, aloe vera cream, waxing, facial masks, and a thousand other measures.

If a girl is overweight, she's recommended everything from skipping rice and potatoes to liposuction surgery. We also reached a stage where fat-shaming has almost become correlated with body shaming, but that doesn't guarantee that slim girls are safe! And the girls who are thin are afraid of being so thin and encouraged to wear full-sleeved dresses so that their so-called 'lack of appearance' is not noticeable. All sorts of criticisms and advice are aimed at a woman who does not suit the ideal body in these social norms.

Previously, being fat was a sign of being prosperous and contributing to a wealthy household, but things have changed, being slim is now trendy. Now, if it's either of the genders, working it out in the gym is a buzz.

If it's the relatives who advise you to look attractive to get married or the shopkeepers who direct you to the dress that's going to cover those curves, everyone is constantly encouraging how you don't feel comfortable in your own skin. Often, the jokes about breastfeeding about overweight women aren't funny at all.

Role of Media in promoting Body Shaming

Media has played a major role in fostering the practice of body shame, ignoring all the unrealistic and almost difficult to meet the beauty expectations that Bollywood has set over the years. Both the beauty ads are stressing how it is strictly important to run after a fair face in order to get a career and/or a fiancée, while several food item commercials are telling us how vital it is to lose weight within 25 days in order to be desirable at a gathering.

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With the growing usage of social media, body shaming is now facing an all-time high. People get behind a screen and make insulting comments and believe that no one is going to hurt just a message.

But we are a group of social media users, any offensive message that you share hurts someone. When we are making a joke about an individual, we forget the idea that the joke doesn't alter their minds, but it has the potential to influence someone so extremely, it can make them anxious.

How can it cause and betray one’s life?

Body shaming can result in superiority, diminished trust, eating disorders, and other such problems. It can trigger insecurities that tend to troubled relationships. There is a risk that the survivor could become too self-conscious and disconnect from social concerns. Instead of judging people just because they don't look like we want them to, we need to be more developed, respecting, and thoughtful.

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Don't be a villain, and don't ever let someone's body shame you. It is more important to follow a healthier lifestyle than to listen to suggestions from people who do not respect either you or your body. Yeah, overweight is a concern, it is a risk to health, and it is important to provide a fit body to minimize health risks, but it is completely inappropriate to be embarrassed by anyone being overweight.

A piece of advice for forever

Let's not forget that it is the character of a human that decides his / her behavior in life, not body fat. Shape, height, color, and competence levels should never be the criterion for determining someone's character or ability.

What we say — and how we say it — is crucial, so it's worth taking a pause before speaking on someone's body to see how even the most well-meaning remark could come through to another individual.

There are positive improvements, there is still a still far way to go. Step by step, let's be secure in our own skin, and let's give everyone the right to practice the same thing. It's your body, and no one should judge or explain something other than yourself. Let us exercise appreciation, affection, and empathy. Let's live and let the rest do too.

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