The Girl Power Within - Need Realization!!

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The Girl Power Within - Need Realization!!

The wave of girl power, the wave of realization of girl power the women within is massive and fruitful,reclaim the feminine and mark it as ethnically valued. The primary objective of this blog is to create awareness and clear negativity perception of women in the society, through my blog I intend to motivate and educate my readers on women potential.

Traditions and societal beliefs have undermined the contribution of the women to the society and its economy. It’s an ideological shift in femininity’s conceptualization and its portrayal in mainstream culture, rather being passive, girls can actively speak out in verbal and non-verbal modes, as do girl power role models can make mainstream femininity work for them. Girl power instead claims the mental toughness and physical strength into which males have been socialised, abnegating the learned weakness detailed by Colette Dowling. Being different and not being afraid to challenge the norms, willing to take up opportunity. Making your own pathway, not just following the well-trodden trail. Projecting your own sequence and destiny. Being an individual that you were meant to be. I believe that everyone is born unique. But through the years we work very hard to be like everyone else. We conform to society’s so-called “common-sense.” Unfortunately, it is just that – “common sense.” That does not mean its “good sense.”

All I have to say we are born an individual with our domain strength not a ready product for market to perish one, the atrocities that are taking place across various part of the cities need to be fight with an eye to an eye to upheld the womanhood. The world is well aware of the women contribution i.e. Mother Teressa the legend for the underprivileged from the older times to present example Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. We need to strictly abide the security norms laid down by the government in our domain on the contrary voice out our opinion on the freedom rights uphold by the constitution.Women the Pride of the Nation...

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