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The Golden Girl – Acquired Tittle

There are people who walk into a room and are naturally recognized as leaders. Initiators and processors are two different skill sets. We must challenge assumptions, behave as a role model, walk the talk, and empower people around. All perhaps relevant to the old hierarchical, command-and-control organisation.

Domineering, take-charge charismatic individual – the ‘Golden Girl’ figure. The tittle was honoured to me by Jet Airways for my in creditable outstanding dedication towards my service, further an article was published in flight magazine of Jet Airways, The Jet Wings.

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We have to nurture our leadership skills that doesn’t depend on the illusion of extraordinary individuals. Indeed, the leadership of the future will not be provided simply by being an individual but by motivation and commitment drive to considered your workplace your pace. The title was entitled to me when I topped the University of Mumbai for BSc in Aviation, topping the university was not an easy task as I have to manage my studies and flights together at the same time, so time management skill is very essential in order to plan your move.

From this blog I would like to motivate my readers that if we have the will to prosper and conquer the scaling heights, definitely we are fliers. All you guys have to think more deeply about what is really happening, explore possibilities beyond prevalent rational, and search for higher leverage changes through progressive cycles of action and reflection.Self-Development is a true leadership with ever evolving on skill nourishment and imparting empowerment.

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