#WeIndians Are Special: Look Why & What is so special about us?

#WeIndians Are Special: Look Why & What is so special about us?

Every man in our country is a singer when he is happy, and every woman is a dancer when she walks to the corner shop. For us, food is the music inside the body, and music is the food inside the heart. This country has taught me the endurance and compassion of a mature mind, an understanding spirit, and an integrating, calming love for all people.

And, what I find so special about my country is the evenings. I like the evenings in India, when the sun sets on the rim of the world, the hush tumbles, and ten thousand civil servants drift homeward on a river of bikes, brooding on Lord Krishna and the cost of living.

What is so special and attractive about We-Indians?

We have an exceptional togetherness of family

Indians have an unparalleled sense of family anywhere in the world. Only in this country can you find families with dozens of members and more than four generations living under one roof! While their strongest forms of love are always confined to their family members, if they like you enough, they will include you in it regardless of where you come from. And once you become a member of an Indian family, they will be there for you for the rest of your life! here you are, and with what you have.

Our love for celebration

Put all of the world's major religious and ethnic festivals together, and you still won't come close to the number of festivals praised in India alone! That just goes to show how much Indians enjoy the occasional celebration. While major festivals such as Diwali and Holi are well-known and attract tourists from all over the world, almost all of India's festivals are applauded with equal zeal and frolic across religious and cultural segments. The favorite aspect is that these Indian festivals are followed by unique confections and specializations, making them not only a cultural but also a culinary extravaganza.

We practically pioneered the art of negotiation

While India is the land of ascetics, and Indians have championed the consequence of ambition renunciation for thousands of years, take one to the market, and you will discover that they are also experts in material expediency. Observing an Indian bargain is a freak show in and of itself, and it is an eye-opener for outsiders who believe that cause still pertains when bargaining. Take an Indian with you on your next shopping trip, and you will save more money than you have all year!

Extremely enterprising

Indian merchants were among the first in the world to spread across the globe, and this legacy continues to this day in its population. Whether you visit a sleepy Pacific island or a far-flung African country, you will always find an Indian. However, this enterprising culture is not limited to its diaspora, and some of its best examples can be found right at home. Simply visiting Mumbai's CST station on any weekday and witnessing the ordeal that ordinary Indians go through to get to work will demonstrate how gutsy, inventive, and entrepreneurial this country's people can be. No matter where they are, Indians have a habit of spinning every weakness into a power and seeing opportunity in even disasters.

Remarkably generous

Generosity is a fundamental axiom of India's heritage and ancient culture. And, while the rest of the world may have forgotten, Indians continue to champion the origin of service to one another at every opportunity. If you visit any Gurudwara in India, you will leave with a belly full of exquisite food, or if you knock on any door with a call for help, you will find that it is responded to! This is perhaps most apparent when dining at an Indian home, where the hosts will make you eat twice as much as you normally would and still compel you to leave room for dessert!

Deeply Spiritual

For centuries, people have traveled from all over the world to India in search of spiritual values, and they have never been disheartened. However, this profound spiritual culture is not a geographical attribute, but rather the result of every Indian's fondness for being divine, not just its ascetics and gurus. When in doubt, ask any Indian for divine knowledge that has been refined over centuries of spiritual quests.

Incredibly Diverse

Many people believe that India's greatest asset is its diversity. In reality, this country's greatest strength is not its diversity, but rather the togetherness that its people exhibit in the face of it. While the world has attempted to lump all Indians together, each one represents a heritage, tradition, race, or religion that is only one of many that live in harmony in India. So, if you think you know what Indians are like because you've met a few of them, just travel from one end of this great country to the other and you'll see how versatile they can be!


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