Why Did I Decide to Choose Being a Pilot?

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Why Did I Decide to Choose Being a Pilot?

It's quite apparent you want to know more about me, as a Captain, as a motivational speaker or as a person. Here is a start for one question, Why I decided to choose aviation? A pretty important issue for all youngers who want to know more about me and take some wealthy tips from me.

So, imagine at the age of 16 years you have just completed your 10th std, and now you want to build a keynote of interest for your career. You ask your Mom and Dad all about scope in commerce, science, or other. orm to society’s so-called “common-sense.” Unfortunately, it is just that – “common sense.” That does not mean its “good sense.”

"To be very frank, I had a dream to fly, and I always have some aviation toys with which I used to play with, Today I have the freedom to fly high, and Yes I did take some efforts and hard work.".

For some people, it is a dream come true working with successful people or being around the smartest ones. For me, it was my Mom, who raised me in the way I am today. She is my motivation and strength. I remember it was just the start of further education, and I had just spoken about what I want to achieve in my career life for long term. As soon as I decided to take the admission for Airline Pilot, I could relate my situation in a position where it was taking more time to clear the documents and so much paperwork. It wasn't effortless, but my Mom stood for me till the time I got made through the process.And here I was being trained for Airlines Pilot at the age of 16th, and soon later, I won the title of "The Youngest Pilot."

You as a reader I want to motivate you, maybe some are so confused about career goals, you may be into small jobs for your finances are tightened. But don't lose your dream, you can achieve it.

"Long Term Career Goals Are a Part of Life, But the Short Comings are Your Daily Tasks."

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--Capt Poonam Devrakhyani

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