Dear Society, Stop Forcing Her To Marry!

Dear Society, Stop Forcing Her To Marry!

When it comes to 'reaching for marriage, you've probably declined your mother's request a million times. It's not normal to have endless WhatsApp images of men, or a sudden, shocked meeting of the guy and his family, arranged with your parents. One of the most common feelings Indian young women have to experience is being forced to marry.

My question is, why don't people ask a woman if she has a successful life or if she has hopes and aspirations? Why is this question always is about getting married?

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Yeah, marriage, the word that terrifies virtually some girls when they leave college. There is a difficulty if you do not want to get married. That's a big issue too if you want to get engaged to a person of your desire. Why is it that marriage in India is such torture? Yes, I believe that it's a special connection between two people, and it's actually one of the main decisions you're going to make in your life, but there's still a lot that Indian culture needs to understand about marriage.

I'm not implying that I'm opposed to marriage. Just like believing in God or deciding to be an atheist, it's a matter of individual preference. Some folks believe some don't, in the definition of marriage. It is as obvious as that. It is not odd or uncommon not wanting to get married. It is solely the decision of a person and you can't be justified based on whether you want to get married or not.

But my point is that it is not the law, but the will of society. As for culture, it is assumed that it does not matter whether or not you are good, one of your primary goals should be to get married. In India, millions of women feel forced to marry and equate it to their self-worth. Society has declared that because it's all part of the tradition, women must get married and bring on the tradition of a family.

Okay, Apart from all these barriers, She has to face a lot of hardships like- Why is there a time constraint during which a woman is expected to marry and accept motherhood? Wasn't it enough that society had already placed the strain of marriage as an inevitable reality? Why can't a woman, before she is ready to get married, want different things from her life? Why can't marriage wait until a woman's readiness is complete?

The illusion that a young woman is more desirable than an older woman is one of the top reasons behind this stereotype. And since marriage is the only appropriate way to build a sexual relationship and embrace motherhood in India, a woman should marry at the correct time. In India, she is popularly known as ‘Paraya-Dhan.’ Isn’t it wrong?

But only because families prefer their sons to marry young women, is a woman expected to bundle it up and get in line to look for a groom? What's up with her education? What about jobs, savings, and expectations for the future? It is an established phenomenon that a person has to strive harder and longer in today's world of globalization and intense competition to achieve stability in life. In comparison to earlier days, it is not often enough to get a well-paid job to only pass high school or be a graduate.

If men are allowed to study and fight to find a marriage until they are economically solvent, and secure, then why not women? Or should we only presume that women do not need a job or that the responsibility of financial duties should be assumed by the man alone?

Besides, everyone should have the right in their life to do what they want. A kid has a choice as to whether he or she likes to play with a race car or with Barbie dolls. An individual has the decision of voting for a representative or only heading to NOTA. So why can't a 34-year-old woman choose whether to marry or not and when? This should not only be the situation because women have the right to choose, but also because marriage is destined to fail because it is only centered on unfair sacrifices.


Now, it's high time for us to establish that a woman is an independent and powerful person who wants to stand as much as a man on her own. We also need to regulate women who marry at a later age when they are comfortable financially, adequately educated to make the groom's right decision, and most obviously, ready to accept a new and better life. Despite the passage of time, it never ends for us. We are the ones that determine how, not the social commitments, we want to deal with.

With warm regards,

On behalf of every woman who faced pressure from society

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